Are you planning your vacation time in Puerto Vallarta? If so, you have come to the right place to find out the best Puerto Vallarta beach activities for families, friends and romantics.

Puerto Vallarta Beach Activities

There are lots of ways you can enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s beaches. Most of you will be staying in a hotel or condo on the beach where you will be able to laze on the sand and swim in the safe waters of Banderas Bay. However, there is another way you can have fun in the sun with one of the Best Puerto Vallarta beach activities. Why not treat yourself and your family to Pirates Land on the Marigalante pirate ship in Puerto Vallarta.

Pirates Land Beach Activity Tour
This Puerto Vallarta day trip is great fun for all the family and groups of friends looking for a way to enjoy the sunshine in Puerto Vallarta and spend some time in the sea enjoying fun beach activities. Indulge in a wonderful day out of a wooden pirate ship, modeled on the Spanish galleon sailed by Christopher Columbus. This Puerto Vallarta all-day cruise features incredible pirate fun with acrobatics and sword fights as well as water sports like banana boating, kayaking and snorkeling. At the beach you can also enjoy volleyball and hunt for buried treasure. Puerto Vallarta beach activities don’t come much better than this!

The Marigalante Pirates Land day tour is the best option for Puerto Vallarta beach activities on Banderas Bay. Leaving from the Maritime terminal in Puerto Vallarta at 9am for a 7 hour day trip that includes breakfast lunch and an open bar, you can be sure you are on track for a superb day out in Puerto Vallarta. Vegetarian and kids menus are also available. Children under 12 are approximately half price.