Perfect your Sandcastle Skills in Puerto Vallarta

Sand castles, much like ice cream, are a fixture of the average beach vacation and Puerto Vallarta will be no exception. Many people will tell you that some of their best vacation memories revolve around building a sandcastle with their friends and family on a sun soaked day! One of the best things about building a sand castle is, undoubtedly, that it is a low resource activity to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta. All you need is a group of builders, some spades, and a bucket or two.

If you want to know how to make the perfect sandcastle in Puerto Vallarta and have a great time with your family this summer look no farther! We have a collection of hints and tips that will help you to perfect your sandcastle skills in no time.

It’s All About Teamwork

You can build one by yourself, of course, but it’s not as fun as making it a group project; gather up all your family members and come up with a design that you all love. Choose a leader and make sure everyone has a job so that you don’t trip over each other.

When and Where You Set Up is Important

The first priority should be finding the perfect plot of land for your miniature mansion in Puerto Vallarta; somewhere far enough from the waves that it won’t get washed away within hours, relatively flat, and clear of other beachgoers (as far as that’s possible). Once you have a space to work in you can get started.

Sand Texture Matters

Fine sand is a dream to work with, but it has to be wet if it’s going to hold its form. Try digging a hole nearby and filling it with water; this way you can wet your sand easily without trekking to the surf. The beaches in Puerto Vallarta have the perfect sand for sand castles! Next it’s time to build a foundation!

A Solid Foundation is Essential

Much like with real castles, the foundation of a sandcastle is key; make thin layers of wet sand to form a foundation. Make sure each is wet enough to stay so when the next is added, and compact each layer before adding the next. Do this a few time and you’ll have a foundation that won’t let you, or your sandcastle, down.

Now It’s Time for Details

So, you have the space, the manpower, and the foundation; get yourself a good-sized mound of sand and you can begin putting in the details and decoration that make a sandcastle truly yours. Once you have the basic shape you can use tools and objects like shells, brushes, and shovels to add detail. Avoid spindly, tall structures which will topple easily, and remember that the sand must stay wet if it is to be malleable and cohesive.

Remember to add decoration in the form of pebbles, shells, driftwood, and seaweed to really make it stand out!

Put your new sandcastle building skills to good use this year when you vacation in Puerto Vallarta, and make some memories as a well as a beauty of a sandcastle! Why not join us on the Marigalante for our pirate day tour and put your sand castle skills to the test.