Fun Tours for a Great Day Out in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The plethora of top fun tours and activities in Puerto Vallarta are astounding! That is why it’s good to have a vague idea of what you want to do for the best day out in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico before you even arrive.

So before you start panicking over which fun tours to choose, weigh up which of the tours in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico will be best suited for the kind of getaway you want to have. In that way, you will have a better idea of how to plan your day’s activities so everyone on vacation with you has a memorable experience.

Hopefully, these fun tour suggestions will give you a good idea of how to have a really great day out in Puerto Vallarta.

Marigalante Fun Tours for Families

Marigalante Fun Tours for Families

Entertainment for both the kids and parents is a bonus, right? Well, if you are having a family vacation, the Marigalante pirate ship fun tours, both day and night are the perfect way to have a great day out in Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy activities for all ages, keeping your kids occupied so you can have some fun too, or some well earned relaxation. The Marigalante offer two kinds of fun tours, one during the day and one at night which is more like a Disney-style booze cruise. Either way, you are on track for a great day out in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

 Fun Tours for Couples

For those couples who are enchanted by the outdoor way of life, you will love taking the horseback riding tour in the Sierra Madre mountains. This is sure to be your best day out in Puerto Vallarta if you are a horse or nature lover. You will be accompanied by a tour guide who will give you a tour of the horseback ranch and guide you along the trail while you are horseback riding.

Fun Fishing Tours

Fishing aficionados will get a thrill from a little sport fishing as a part of their great day out in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Whether traveling with local fishermen or chartering a private boat, trying your hand at catching some dorado, tuna or red snapper is great fun.

 Love is in the Air at Las Caletas – Rhythms of the Night

Once the home of John Huston, the secluded beach on Las Caletas has now become the Rhythms of the Night tour. This is not so much as a fun tour as a night of romance and culture, although the day tour is more adventurous. You reach Caletas by boat where you will enjoy a flame-lit dinner accompanied by a variety of shows. Rhythms of the Night is somewhat overated by a great option.

Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour

In the heart of tequila country, fun tours in search of a great bottle of tequila are available if you want to wow your friends on vacation to Mexico. These fun tours involve a 3 or so hour drive the town of Tequila, where the popular drink was born. You can opt to tour one of the great distilleries to discover just how this popular liquor is prepared ready for you to drink, or you can sit back and relax and enjoy the cultural ambience of this traditional town.

Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour