When you’re in Puerto Vallarta, don’t miss a boat tour going to its south shore area. This exotic part of Puerto Vallarta boasts of a lot of beaches, incredible natural beauty and has the charm of old Mexico. It’s old-fashioned lifestyle and simple ways will make one slow down a bit to the usual hustle and bustle of the modern world. A host of different activities can be done, like taking long walks along the coastline, enjoying boat trips to some secluded areas or simply relaxing beneath one of the many palapas. Take time out to explore the hotspots of Puerto Vallarta’s south shore like the Las Animas, Quimixto and Yelapa for an incredible experience.

Boat tours to Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore – La Animas

Las Animas beach is popular because of the charm brought by its traditional restaurants, comfortable beach chairs and highly entertaining activities which people of all ages can enjoy. One can go sun bathing under its glorious sun, swim on its calm waters or take his own sweet time in any of the palapas and cottages that dot its sandy grounds. Reaching this beach is possible either by taking a water taxi from Los Muertos Beach or Boca de Tomatlan. Likewise you can walk along a coastal path from Boca de Tomatlan or charter a private boat tour. There are also a number of group boat tours that operate in Puerto Vallarta that stop at Las Animas.

las animas


Boat tours to Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore – Quimixto

Quimixto is one of the few untouched destinations in the south shore of Puerto Vallarta. It’s a perfect place to find solace and peace away from one’s busy schedule. It’s all about moving at your pace and acting freely on life’s finer things. Though not as touristy as other places (there are no restaurants here) it provides a sense of authentic Mexico. Grab a surfboard, sit idly on its flour-like sands or go for a fulfilling walk in search of a stunning waterfall that flows down gracefully from the mountains. Quimixto is worth making a stop for when enjoying a boat tour in Puerto Vallarta.


Boat tours to Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore – Yelapa

The stylish fishing town of Yelapa is not to be missed when exploring Puerto Vallarta’s south shore. It occupies the southern part of Banderas Bay, has great rustic restaurants and bungalow style accommodations. Only recently did this town have electricity! Everyday is a day to engage in life’s simple pleasures like taking a bite of the food stuff that lady beach vendors sell, getting mesmerized by its line of waterfalls, hiking through its unmarked trails and sipping some of the locally made specialties like the mescal and the raicilla.



Whatever one’s plan is when visiting Puerto Vallarta, taking boat tours to these picturesque towns on Puerto Vallarta’s south shore adds spice and flavor to your vacations.