If you’re looking for the very best family attractions in Puerto Vallarta then you’ve landed on just the right page – here we offer advice regarding the veritable plethora of Puerto Vallarta attractions for Families on Banderas Bay.From a visit to Puerto Vallarta Zoo, to pirate ships and banana boats, and all the way to street performers with flair. Just have a quick scan of the options below to get all the information you’ll need to plan the best family vacation ever.

Puerto Vallarta attractions for Families that will bring a smile to your kids faces

Puerto Vallarta attractions for Families that won’t cost you a dime

Puerto Vallarta is full of things that you can do without having to spend a penny. These free activities are great fun for all the family and they won’t break the bank. Because, let’s be fair, traveling with children and/or extended family can be very costly indeed! Balance your wallets needs and your family’s desires with these free attractions in Puerto Vallarta.

  • Walking the Malecon at sunset is a great way to see the city with your family, though this might cost you an ice-cream and a balloon… which isn’t terrible, to be fair.
  • Browsing the flea market with your kids can be fun. Give them a small amount of money each and make a challenge to see who can get the most interesting thing for this price or less.
  • Watching the clowns down at the town plaza is a great way to have a giggle.
  • The Malecons flying acrobats (the Voladores de Papantla) are a treat to see.
  • Swimming and sandcastles on the beach.
  • Crossing the rope bridges that cross the River Cuale – do you dare?

family enjoying summer vacation on the beach in puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta attractions for Families that come at a price that is well worth it

There is a truly huge and varied array of tours, excursions and family attractions that are well worth your dollar in Puerto Vallarta. The quality of these attractions is very high, too, so it can be difficult to choose between them. Here are our recommendations.

  • Marigalante Pirate Ship Tour – Day and night tours on this replica galleon are swashbuckling fun for all the family. You get your food and drink included, too! One of the best Puerto Vallarta attractions for families, even if we do say so ourselves.
  • Puerto Vallarta’s Zoo is a cute and sweet way to spend a day.
  • Swimming with dolphins; a classic vacation activity that will delight young and old alike!
  • Boat tour to the Las Marietas Islands offer a great chance to explore the hidden beach.
  • Zip lining (recommended for older children).
  • Banana boat ride – so much fun you might fall off from laughing.
  • Horseback riding is the best way to see the scenery.
  • ATV tours provide an alternative sightseeing experience (mums and dads driving obviously).

If you have any great tips for free or paid Puerto Vallarta attractions for families, then please leave your suggestions in the comments box.