Canadian Night Pirate Ship Cruise

Your summer vacation deserves the very best: the best accommodation, the best weather, the best food, and the very best diversions. Puerto Vallarta can offer you all of this! And the Marigalante Pirate ship can offer you the best night cruise in Puerto Vallarta for the best vacations.

The Best Night Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

The Marigalante is one of the most iconic sights in Puerto Vallarta; it’s mast can be seen from many areas of the city, and you’ll find pictures of it on postcards. But it’s not just a pretty picture; the Marigalante is a perfectly functioning replica Galleon that runs two tours per day. One day tour and one sunset/night cruise. Both are great fun, but they have distinct appeals.

Best Day Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

The Pirates Land day tour is aimed at young families and kids. The tour begins early in the morning and for the first leg of the journey you will cross from one side of the bay to Majahuitas on the other. On the way you will be treated to a wonderful breakfast buffet, complete with unlimited drinks, and a show put on by the talented and bilingual crew. Once you get there the fun becomes a little more physical. You can disembark and sunbathe, join a treasure hunt, or play some organized beach games such a volleyball. You can also swim, snorkel, kayak or dive should you wish. When you take the day tour you’ll pass the best part of the day in the sunshine and fresh air before the Marigalante returns you to your home port!

The Best Night Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re a child at heart, but have no kids in tow, or don’t mind them joining in your fun, you’ll love the Pirates of the bay Night Cruise in Puerto Vallarta which runs every night. While you cruise the length of the bay you’ll be treated to dinner, an open bar, fireworks and a truly stellar show! You will be witness to acrobatics, great bilingual acting, comedy and fun for the kids too while the adults are tempted to some more adult humor. There really is no other better way to spend your night in Puerto Vallarta than on the Marigalante night cruise. The crew will dazzle you with lively music, dancing, acrobatics and there’ll be plenty of photo-ops too!

Become a living part of Puerto Vallarta history; take a trip on the most iconic attraction that the city has to offer and pass some of your vacation in legendary style with the best night cruise in Puerto Vallarta.