Pirate William Kidd’s Adventure Galley Pirate Ship

An English sailing vessel called the Adventure Galley or commonly referred to as Adventure was captained by a notorious privateer William Kidd. The Adventure was a special sailing vessel that had rigged square sails along with oars, so the Adventure could travel through windy storms and any weather conditions. The Adventure hit the waters in the late 1695, then William Kidd was entrusted with the vessel to go in search of pirates.


Privateer turned pirate

Kidd was given the Adventure to captain under the pay of investors who sent him in search of pirates with the intention of stealing their treasures and then dividing the booty amongst the investors. In reality they were paying him to target pirates with piracy. Therefore the investors acquired the Adventure for William Kidd and from April 1696 – April 1698 the Adventure sailed thousands and thousands of miles searching for pirates on the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Much to Kidd’s dismay, he never found any pirates during this time and decided to turn to piracy himself targeting merchant ships out of desperation.

The Adventure Galley Pirate Ship

The Adventure Galley Pirate Ship

Not long after the The Adventure Galley became an official pirate ship, it became successful in capturing two ships off the Indian Ocean. Kidd then brought the ships back to Madagascar, However by 1698 the Adventure’s hull started to leak and become rotten and could no longer sail. Everything that was removable was taken off the ship, then the Adventure was sunk off the Madagascar northern coast. As of today, none of the Adventure’s remains have been found.


Facts about of the Adventure Galley pirate ship

  • Built in 1695
  • Purchase in August 1696 £8,000 (today the price would be around $968,571)
  • On December 4, 1695, the ship was launched in Deptford dockyard (near London) by Captain William Castle
  • The design of the ship included a different combination of various warship designs, including oars, sails, and a three rigged masts.
  • The pirate ship was able to make an incredible 14 knots with the sails full and 3 knots under just the oar.
  • The Adventure Galley pirate ship had thirty two guns


Bad craftsmanship

It appears the Adventure Galley pirate ship wasn’t made very well, because William Kidd faced many problems with her during his sea travels and the short time that she was on the sea. Unfortunately, it was common that many shipyards cut corners and used materials that were substandard.